Europa-Park Rust

Germany's largest amusement park

Europa-Park operates independently through the themed areas like a world of its own, where guests are surrounded by a unique atmosphere of fun and adventure.  Experience a huge world of fantasy with over 100 attractions, shows and themed areas. Spend a whole day with your family at Europa-Park and you won't have seen and experienced everything yet. From enchanting fairytale worlds for the little ones to the ultimate adrenaline rush on one of the highest and fastest roller coasters in Europe, Europa-Park in Rust offers fascinating experiences for every member of the family. Breathtaking, touching, & educational. The theme park also offers countless dining options, including 30 restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines and flavors. One of the highlights is the "Food Loop" restaurant, which serves burgers, pasta and other dishes on rollercoaster tracks in a quirky way.

Attractions at Europapark

As one of Europe's leading theme parks, Europa-Park has a lot to offer.


  • Roller coasters and thrill rides

    Not to mention the 13 action-packed roller coasters that Europa-Park has to offer. There is a suitable roller coaster for every age group.
    The 3 most famous roller coasters are for true adrenaline junkies.

    • Silver Star  
    • Blue Fire 
    • Wodan-Timburcoaster 
  • Water world

    To keep a cool head on hot days, Europa-Park also has a range of water attractions. The "Atlantica Super Splash" water rollercoaster in the Portugal themed area guarantees a cool down and a wild water ride, while "Poseidon", the combination of rollercoaster and water ride, also promises a wet and refreshing ride. 

    For those who only want to cool off in the water, the RULANTICA water world with over 50 slides was built right next to the Europapark,
    which guarantees water fun for the whole family.


  •  Attractions for children

    As a family theme park, Europapark is a true paradise for children. Thanks to the child-friendly areas such as Arthur, Casa da Aventura, Ba-a-a Express, Lítill Island and much more, young visitors can also spend an adventure-packed day in the fantasy world.

  • Live Shows 

    In addition to the rides, Europapark also offers great live shows by excellent acts.
    From acrobatic shows and musicals to magic & illusion shows, there is something for every taste and every age group.

  • Some popular attractions

    1. the reopened attraction "Pirates in Batavia" in 2020 takes guests through a fascinating world of pirates.
    On an impressive boat trip, you sail through unique scenarios and experience thrilling pirate stories. 

    2 For adrenaline junkies, the "Silver Star" is just the thing.
    The 73-metre high roller coaster, which reaches speeds of up to 130 km/h, is one of the most popular attractions at Europa-Park and attracts visitors from all over the world.

    3. a popular destination for car enthusiasts is the Mercedes Benz Hall in Europa-Park, which resembles an architectural masterpiece. The hall was opened in 2014 and showcases the latest and most innovative technologies from Mercedes-Benz. From culinary delights to events, fascinating shows and interactive activities, the Mercedes Benz Hall offers countless opportunities for the whole family to get excited. 

    4. the Eurosat CanCan Coaster, also known as the "dark roller coaster", is located in the Parisian themed area and is a replica of the "Moulin Rouge", which has been a nightlife landmark since the 19th century. In the dark, you are accompanied by epic CanCan music as you climb around the Eiffel Tower to the heights of the sphere. This is where the explosive ride begins with colorful lights and fascinating details at a top speed of 60km/h.

    Of course, there are numerous other popular attractions in the adventure park:

    • Flight of the Icarus 
    • Atlantic Super Splash 
    • Arthur 
    • Pegasus the YoungStar roller coaster
  • Facts about the Europapark 

    The park covers an area of 94 hectares and contains 18 themed areas with 100 rides.
    There are also 30 different restaurants to choose from in the area and countless confectionery stalls.

  • Location of the hotel

    It will take you about 30 minutes (45 km) by car to reach Europa-Park. From our hotel you can reach the A5 highway in less than 5 minutes, which will take you directly to the Europapark Rust exit.

    We wish you a wonderful day full of joy, fun and action!

Europapark Tickets 

As our guests, you can obtain tickets directly at the Hotel Hanauerhof, so you don't have to queue for long...


  • Day ticket (online):

    Infants: free of charge 

    Children: € 52,00 - 59,50

    Adults: € 61,50 - 69,50

    Seniors: € 52,00 - 59,50

  • 2-day tickets (online):

    Infants: free of charge 

    Children: € 96,00 - 109,00 

    Adults: € 116,50 - 131,50 

    Seniors: € 96,00 - 109 ,00 

  • Parking lot tickets:

    Visitor parking: € 10,00

    Reserved parking:€ 25,00