Modern conference technology with Cannyboard  

for successful events at the Hanauerhof

A successful conference is not only dependent on the right organization, culinary catering and accommodation of the participants, but especially on the technical equipment.
That's why we are taking the next step towards digital progress with Cannyboard.

Cannyboard - a technological innovation for your meeting

Cannyboard  offers you a complete solution that replaces beamer, flipchart and pinboard. Thus, hardly legible handwritten notes, flipchart inscriptions or heaps of paper are a thing of the past.

Start with us and Cannyboard into a digital and interactive age:

  • Cannyboard with 86'' multitouch 4K display - large display, so that all participants can sit at it
  • Tilting display for a good writing experience and visibility for participants
  • The brightness of the display allows working with the Cannyboard even in daylight without restrictions
  • Each participant can easily and quickly log into the Cannyboard cloud software with their own mobile device: this is where all content for the conference is planned, created and edited.
    The ideas and content can be visualized and discussed according to the group - everything for a perfect workflow!
  • With the help of video conferencing, additional participants can be easily integrated digitally and live without having to be on site.
  • Conference content and results are securely stored in the cloud, directly accessible at any time and can be forwarded to all event participants via download.


Cannyboard is available all day for your conference at the Hanauerhof.
You can also find comprehensive information about Cannyboard at:


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